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My work is  an expression of a myriad of influences in my life. My paintings vary from the purely imaginative to the world I see around me. I believe that human emotions, often poignant ones, are most evident in the simplest of settings. These are the scenes that I find moving and are often the subject matter of my art. 


There are many ways to interpret a work of art and I’d like to believe, each individual will weave their own story around my paintings, based on their unique life experiences. I have however, shared a few lines about what  influenced me and my story behind the creation of each painting.

I have had a deep relationship with art for over thirty years. After spending several years in advertising, I returned to my passion for painting and art history. I studied art at the College of Art in Delhi, with a specialisation in applied art. I have a blog on art, the link to which is available on the website and teach art appreciation and art history to adults.

I also love reading, watching off- beat films and sweating it out at my aerobics class!

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